BackgroundCotton plays a pivotal role in the exports and GDP of the Cotton-4 countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali), Nigeria, Malawi and Uganda. It provides a source of livelihood for millions of farmers and their families and due to this high dependency of these countries on cotton, the performance of the sector directly influences the state of these economies.

There is a necessity of evolving a mechanism to deal with income declines in the cotton sector and provide cotton specific assistance and cooperation programmes aimed at enhancing productivity and efficiency in the selected countries.

India has a well developed cotton and textile industry and therefore suitably placed to assist these countries. India is a prominent player in global cotton and textile industry in all the segments of the value chain and its experience would be highly relevant for these countries.

The Cotton Technical Assistance Programme (TAP) has been designed keeping in view what these countries need and what best India can offer considering its strengths and experience.

The components are activities proposed are based on inputs received from various stakeholders in India and African countries.

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